The Creative Child

If a child is struggling in class, he may also be very creative and in need of greater stimulation.

  • Hal was a high-spirited four-year-old. His parents were never idle with him around. However, this vitality, the parents were told, was a serious "disorder": hyperactivity. Hal's dad knew he had a creative child and that his talent manifested in a lot of energy. "He had a very active mind. Even at three years of age, he would ask so many questions and have so many ideas that he would make me laugh. I figured that with such brightness and energy, I could give him a creative outlet, I could direct his energies.

  • "I knew Hal liked drawing and music so his mother and I bought him paper and pencils, which we kept not only at home, but in my wife's purse. So wherever we were, we could give these to him. He could sit for hours and hours drawing, enjoying himself. He became more and more creative. Of course, he wanted us to appreciate the drawings and we would always encourage him; then he was always anxious to do more and to do better. His energy was part of his creativity."

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