The purpose of this website is to educate parents worldwide on the facts about today's widespread practice of labeling children mentally ill and drugging them with heavy, mind-altering, psychiatric drugs. Armed in this way, loving parents will be able to prevail in the face of the enormous "drug children now" pressures so entrenched in society today. Protected in this way, our children will be spared the totally unnecessary misery of a drug-hazed youth, succeeded by the risk of a drug-consumed adulthood.

Jan Eastgate
International President
Citizens Commission on Human Rights


Dear Parent,

There are very few families or teachers whose lives have not been interrupted in some way by today's widespread practice of drugging of children with heavy, mind-altering, psychiatric drugs; in the U.S. alone, nearly six million children are taking these drugs for supposed educational and behavioral problems.

What are these children "suffering" from? What is this new danger? What do mind-altering drugs have to do with learning? What do these drugs do? How long do they need to be taken? Are they absolutely necessary? Are they safe? Is there some other solution? From the beginning, such reasonable questions have been repeatedly asked by concerned and loving parents.

However, the huge sales, public relations and propaganda push behind this practice have been enough to deceive and overwhelm the cautionary instincts of millions of parents and teachers. As a result, they now "believe" their children face a serious threat that requires prolonged and extensive drugging.

All too often, the heavy child drugging started after a psychiatrist or psychologist diagnosed that a child suffers from a disorder affecting his/her ability to learn—commonly termed a Learning Disorder (LD), also Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and most commonly today, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). A chemical imbalance of the brain or brain disease may have been blamed, but certainly the parents were told that the cause is a well-recognized, medical problem demanding continuous, prescribed, psychiatric medication.

Trusting their advisors and wanting only the best for their child, the parents concluded that psychiatric drugs were the best available "solution" and consented to the treatment.

Sadly today, more and more of these parents profoundly regret this decision, having discovered not only that the original diagnosis was completely fabricated, unsubstantiated and thereby fraudulent, but also that the treatment was potentially life-threatening and debilitating.

It takes courage to speak up when all one hears from psychiatrists, psychologists and other experts, especially those affiliated with schools, is that drugging children is a proven and perfectly safe method of handling fancied learning and behavioral difficulties, that the parents would be irresponsible in not drugging their child and that the expert "medical" opinion is based on irrefutable science. In fact, it can sometimes feel like fighting a solitary war against impossible odds.

Nevertheless, the worst thing that parents can do is to ignore their instincts in the matter and give in to the weight of false mental health industry propaganda, whether to keep the peace, avoid a fight, toe the school line or stay out of the limelight. Millions of parents have done this and millions of children now suffer. Parents have every right to be parents. Parents must be parents. Parents must fight back in this very real Fight For Kids!

Jan Eastgate
International President
Citizens Commission on Human Rights

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