Other Causes for Behaviour

"Children with early-stage brain tumors can develop symptoms of hyperactivity or poor attention. So can lead- or pesticide-poisoned children. So can children with early-onset diabetes, heart disease, worms, viral or bacterial infections, malnutrition, head injuries, genetic disorders, allergies, mercury or manganese exposure, petit mal seizures, and hundreds—yes hundreds—of other minor, major, or even life-threatening medical problems. Yet all these children are labeled hyperactive or ADD."

Dr. Sydney Walker, III
Psychiatrist & Neurologist
Author, The Hyperactivity Hoax

Unwanted or hyperactive behavior can have many sources ranging from, but not limited to allergies, food additives, environmental toxins, improper sleep, certain medications, not knowing how to study and going past words not fully understood, to being bored with the curricula because you are very intelligent or creative.

By isolating and correcting this, the child can be helped so that there are no symptoms and no need for drugs.