Targetting Children

"All children exhibit ADHD-like behavior. Observe children right before recess, or riding on a bus heading to an exciting field trip, or anticipating a birthday party. Nothing short of strapping them down can keep them still. Healthy children have verveā€”a zest for life that is exhibited in curiosity, excitement, enthusiasm, animation, vigor, and imagination."

Ty C. Colbert, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Author, Rape of the Soul

The defenseless innocence of children has failed to soften psychiatry's quest for profit, and failed completely to inspire them to assess the validity, safety or consequences of their "diagnoses," Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or "Learning Disorder." Psychiatrists have no idea what "causes" them; little wonder then that there are no objective, scientific criteria to confirm such "disorders" even exist.

  • Kevin P. Dwyer, assistant executive director at the National Association of School Psychologists in the U.S. admitted that the way "learning disorders" are diagnosed is "not a science." "We're not sophisticated enough to do a perfect diagnosis," he candidly admitted.27

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    Psychiatric diagnoses
    are a multi-million
    dollar industry

    Nevertheless, a huge and entrenched psychiatric treatment and research empire has mushroomed around ADHD. That empire demands and consumes billions of dollars each year and has turned schools into mental health clinics, and mentally and physically hooked millions of normal children on mind-altering drugs.

  • Today, American schools spend a combined $1 billion a year on psychologists who work full-time to diagnose students.28 Annually, $15 billion has been spent in the U.S. on the diagnosis, treatment and study of psychiatry's so-called "disorders."29