What You Can Do

The growing success of CCHR's campaign to restore human rights and dignity to the field of mental health is due in no small part to the many contributions of concerned citizens, professionals, consumers, groups and organisations who assist in the activities on a global scale. There are, in fact, many ways to help - some are listed here. To learn more about the many ongoing CCHR programmes, activities and initiatives, visit www.cchr.org.uk.

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Protect Youth from Mental Health Screening and Psychiatric Drug Use

With mental-health screening being implemented in schools around the UK, parents need to be able to protect their children against invasive questionnaires and assessments that could lead to a child being recommended for drug treatment.

Encourage schools to prohibit these practices, using CCHR publications and video presentations.

Parents can obtain and sign copies of the "Parent's Exemption Form Prior to Mental Health and Psychological Screening or Counselling". The parent or guardian then files a copy with a solicitor and with the head of the school their child is attending - thereby putting the school on notice to respect the child's right to be exempt from psychiatric programmes. Download an exemption form here.

Protect Yourself with an Advance Directive or Psychiatric Living Will

In the event you are unable to make decisions about your care and treatment, an Advanced Directive or Psychiatric Living Will can protect you if you do not wish to receive psychiatric treatments such as drugs or electroshock treatment. Download an Advance Directive form here.

Distribute CCHR Documentary DVDs

Obtain and broadly distribute CCHR's educational documentaries to others. These films have won awards for excellence and have informed millions around the world about the issue of coercive practices and harmful treatments, all of which lack the scientific standards of other medical disciplines. And on the subject of psychiatric drugs, the documentaries play an important role in fulfilling the legal requirements of informed consent.

All Fall Down: Psychiatry's Plague of Drugging Children

All Fall DownEvery year, 400,000 children in the UK are labelled with fraudulent psychiatric disorders and given powerful mind-altering drugs - and the numbers are growing. Concurrently, the stimulant drug market in the UK is booming, now worth more than £33 million a year. All Fall Downtackles this controversial issue head-on and, through interviews of doctors, health and education experts, and the victims themselves, exposes the truth behind psychiatry's stimulant drugging industry. Distribute the DVD to friends, family and associates; doctros, healthcare professionals, trusts and groups; solicitors and government policymakers.

Dead Wrong: How Psychiatric Drugs Can Kill Your Child

Dead Wrong DVDAt the age of eighteen, after only eight weeks on a psychiatric drug, Celeste's son Matthew committed suicide. This is the story of Celeste's search for answers and the truth behind the drugs that caused his death. Request copies and distribute them to paediatricians, parents, teachers, school counsellors and nurses. Include anyone else who needs to know the truth about psychiatry's child-drugging industry and its devastating - and deadly - effects on children and families.

Activate your Member of Parliament

Through visits, inform your Member of Parliament on the need for reform in mental-health law. Full informed consent should be mandatory for anyone who is deemed mentally ill and who is a candidate for psychiatric treatment.

Seek out and support non-psychiatric alternative solutions

Studies show that undiagnosed and untreated physical conditions can manifest as so-called psychiatric disorders. If you or anyone you know is experiencing mental disturbance ensure a thorough and non-psychiatric medical examination is conducted. And remember: non-psychiatric remedies do exist and do work.